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Dirigeants de 2020-2021

2020-2021 Execs

Rachel Sombach, she/her

Co-présidente / Co-President

OUTLaw has brought more to my law school experience so far than I ever thought possible: lifelong friendships, a support system, a source of inspiration and a platform to advocate on behalf of myself and my community. I am so thankful to this organization and everyone who is a part of it for helping me to find space within the faculty to thrive, and I look forward to pushing the boundaries of that space even more this year.

Zach Davis, he/him

V.p. finances et parrainage / VP Finance and Sponsorship

I am a second year English Common Law Student at the University of Ottawa. As your VP of Finance and Sponsorship I am excited to help facilitate and support the development of OUTLaw and the creation of queer events. Together we will invigorate queer space and currency!

Kyle Laplante, he/him

V.p. interne / VP Internal

Hey! A little about me: I’m Kyle and in 2L, my pronouns are he/him and I am VP Internal for OUTLaw this year! I can’t wait to share the programming we have planned for this year! Fun fact: I recently became a dog step-dad to little Oscar!

Samuel Cullen, he/him

V.p événements / VP Events

I am a second year student in the Common Law program at the University of Ottawa with an interest in business law. I am an avid participant of CrossFit and, prior to law school, I worked for a media agency. I am confident that my skills in media—organization, multitasking, and planning—will transfer seamlessly and allow me successfully fill the position of VP Events!

Steven Stechly, he/they

Co-président / Co-President

For me, OUTLaw is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Our incredible community is vibrant, diverse and growing. As we continue to amplify the voices of 2SLGBTQ+ students in the Faculty of Law, we hope that all folks can find a home in our community. Over this year, we also hope to innovate new ways to celebrate Queerness while at a distance. I look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming socials and events!

Michelle Liu, she/her

V.p. communications / VP Communications

I bring over 10 years of experience in student governance and community leadership as a queer woman of colour. To help OUTLaw members and allies maintain a strong connection during this year of distant learning, we will be launching an official website with a blog that all members can contribute to. We will also be making sure we are active across our social platforms. Please reach out and say hello!

Amanda Bitton, she/her

V.p. externe / VP External

I want OUTLaw to make every member of our community feel visible, safe, welcomed and celebrated. I feel so lucky to be part of this incredible initiative to deliver a year of rewarding experiences and connections that will last long after we leave FTX. Stay tuned!

Holly Pellatt, she/her

V.p. opérations / VP Operations

I’m a second year student in the Common Law Program with an interest in human rights law. I’m so thankful to be apart of this organization and I look forward to working on the creation and implementation of queer programs.

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